The Kuibyshev District Court Withdraws the Claim about Liquidation of Sphere

The Kuibyshev District Court of St. Petersburg withdrew the claim by the Main Department of the Ministry of Justice from consideration . The judge pointed out the need to refer to the specific grounds provided for by the current Russian legislation, through which the plaintiff – the Ministry of Justice – asks for liquidation. The arguments in this part were not presented to the court.

Comment of the Charitable Foundation Sphere’s team:

“We are very pleased with such a decision – this is what we expect from a transparent judicial process in a state governed by the rule of law. It is obvious that the claims presented by the Ministry of Justice to Sphere are not legal, but ideological. However, we understand that this is far from over. After all, the Ministry of Justice clearly intends to prove that the protection of LGBT+ rights in Russia cannot continue within the framework of the state ideology of traditional values, and the persecution of human rights activities in general is only gaining momentum.”

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