Sphere Foundation expresses disagreement with the court’s decision on Sasha Skochilenko’s sentence

Artist Sasha Skochilenko was jailed for seven years in case of anti-war price tags. 

In the spring of 2022, she placed anti-war price tags stylized as price tags at chain produce store “Perekrestok” and after that she was arrested on someone’s denunciation. A total of 29 sessions were held on her case, the prosecutor asked to sentence the activist to eight years in prison. 

“Despite the fact that I am behind bars, I am freer than you. I can make my own decisions, I can say what I think, I can quit my job if I am forced to do something I do not want to do” – from the last words of Sasha Skochilenko. 

Sasha Skochilenko is an openly lesbian person. She has been an activist, defended the interests of the LGBT+ community and the feminist movement, collaborated with independent media. International human rights organization, Amnesty International, declared Skochilenko as a prisoner of conscience, the Memorial Human Rights Center recognized her as a political prisoner. 

Sphere Foundation disagrees with the court’s decision. 

In terms of the “Russian law”, this sentence is disproportionately harsh for a person with a chronic illness.

In terms of human rights, such a sentence should not exist at all. Everyone has the right to express their position and their protest, despite the Russian state’s attempts to limit freedom of speech and manipulate public opinion about the war.

This case is  clearly a show trial, with which the state is trying to intimidate its critics. 

Sasha must be released!
We urge you to support Sasha and her loved ones. Current ways to help are listed on the support group’s website.

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