LGBTQ+ colored, heart-shaped stone presented in hands.

Social and legal support programs

Social and legal assistance is aimed at providing support in cases of human rights violation or discrimination

Psychological support program

We offer psychological consultation for LGBT+ people and educate mental health professionals about LGBT+ issues.

Program structure:

Professional psychological support to LGBT+ people online (via skype and email)

We organize events in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, other cities, and online,  to develop psychologists’ competence in working with LGBT+ community members

We liaise with mental health professional worldwide



Our psychologists answered 799 requests: 731 online consultations and 68 face-to-face consultations for people from 53 regions of Russia and 14 countries of the world


Mental health professional conducted 406 psychological consultations for people from 63 regions of Russia and 3 countries of the world

Legal Assistance program

Our lawyers provide free legal advice on matters regarding LGBT+ rights protection, which contributes to greater legal literacy within the LGBT+ community.

Program structure:

Lawyers give legal advice online on the following matters:

  • Family law
  • Discriminatory speech/bullying
  • Trans* matters 
  • Threats of physical violence
  • Political asylum, migration from or to Russia

We provide legal assistance during public events.



In 2022 our lawyers provided 590 legal consultations.


In 2021 — 506 consultations

Emergency Assistance program

We provide immediate assistance to LGBT+ people in crisis in Russian regions.

Program structure:

Assistance in relocation from the Russian Federation in case of persecution on the basis of sexual orientation, gender or activism: we pay for transport and rental housing.

We help to pay administrative fines under Article 6.21 of the Administrative Code on “propaganda”.

We provide advice on immigration and refugee issues: we provide letters of support for asylum applications, and help with filling in forms and paperwork.

We provide psychological support in crisis situations and conduct conflict mediation.

We allocate resource support for LGBT+ initiatives that continue to work in the Russian Federation.