Strategic programs

The overall goal of our strategic programs is to bring about systematic changes in the legistation regaring LGBT+ rights and law enforcement in the Russian Federation. We fight for the fundamental improvement in the quality of LGBT+ people’s lives

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human rights monitoring program

We monitor cases of discrimination and human rights violations against  LGBT+ people , as well as cases of hate crimes based on sexual or gender identity. This allows us to develop new strategies in our fight for LGBT+ rights.

Program structure:

We collect cases of discrimination, hate crimes and LGBT+ right violations, with the help of regional organizations and hotline volunteers.

We analyze the data on LGBT+ right violations, collected during the monitoring process, and prepare reports based on our research.

We present the results of LGBT+ rights monitoring at various events.

Advocacy program

We protect the interests and rights of LGBT+ people in Russia, at both international and national levels. Through this work, we contribute to changes in the national policy regarding LGBT+ people and raise awareness within the international community about the current situation in Russia.

Program structure:

We report cases of LGBT+ rights violations in Russia to international organizations (OSCE, UN, the European Council, and others).

We initiate and participate in international conferences, coalitions, LGBT+ rights related projects.

We report offenses, cases of violence and discrimination to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia and cooperate with regional Commissioners for Human Rights.

We are working to integrate the LGBT+ movement into Russia’s civil society.

We disseminate information about LGBT+ rights violations and make these issues more visible to the national and international communities.

Strategic Litigation program

We support legal professionals who handle LGBT+ rights cases in Russian courts, and bring media attention to the progress and results of such cases.

Program structure:

We organize legal support of the cases dealing with LGBT+ rights violations in Russian judicial institutions and in the ECHR.  Subject matter of the legal cases include:

  • Cases on the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”;
  • Physical violence motivated by hatred towards LGBT+ people;
  • Prosecution of activists for their human rights activism;
  • Family matters and the right to privacy;
  • Discriminatory speech;
  • LGBT+ rights in places of detention.

We provide commentary for the media on cases that our lawyers  are working on, as well as on different aspects of LGBT+ rights and legal protection.



In 2022 we supported 20 legal cases;


In 2021 we supported 28 legal cases.

equality federation program

This program supports and liasies with gender equality initiatives across the country to counter the anti-gender movement.

We launched this new program in September 2022.